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Our Story

The story of TrainStation began in 1994 when its President and CEO, Carelle Mangaliag-Herrera – a theater, TV and film actor since she was 9 years old, an aspring singer, host, clown, comedian, insurance agent, and a nobody with many failures – attended a seminar, got moved and said, “I want to inspire others someday”.

Through Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), years of application, research, and groundwork study, she has led many individuals and companies to be inspired, moved, and changed. Her relentlessness to uncover the HOW and the WHY of belief and behavioral change, and the ‘difference that makes the difference’ in motivation, empowerment, confidence and communication honed the methodology of Trainstation’s Rock-the-house EnterTRAINment and life-changing programs.
She wanted to move people to Inspire Amazing!

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Our Values

Each Enter-trainer imbibes the values that Trainstation espouses. This results in becoming a powerful and effective trainer for the participants he or she inspires and passionately cares for.

Be Mindful

Thinks before he acts. Has awareness and is mindful of the impact of words and actions on others.

Choose Positivity

Able to acknowledge and appreciate the value and purpose of all experiences. Has the willingness and courage to be at the cause of things. Moves forward to a better outcome by using one’s tools and resources.

Diyes Do it

Thinks, speaks, and acts with passion and excellence to deliver quality output and service for our customers, whether individually or in collaboration with others. Embodies ‘Being a Ten (Diyes)’.

Do What Is Right

Maintains the highest level of Integrity in all transactions and interactions. Promotes and encourages others to choose and do what is right at all times.

Go to the source

Establishes and promotes open and honest communication. Able to suspend judgement until direct communication and facts are established with those concerned. Protects image and credibility of others by not participating or engaging in hearsay and gossip.

On Your Toes

Exhibits readiness and alertness at any moment. Capable and willing to respond to the needs of our internal and external customers in a timely manner.

Walk the talk

Able to manifest congruence by aligning what we value and teach with one’s own actions and decisions.


Is willing to innovate and adapt to the demands of the job. Has the creativity and the growth mindset to increase resources and capabilities to deliver consistently better results.

Who We Are

We believe that people do the best they can with the resources they have, and that we can be equipped and empowered to be Amazing by Choice. We are people who have banded together to help each other and others to make better choices everyday, so we all can rewrite our life stories.
We want to inspire and move others to be Amazing By Choice.

What We Do

We are a motivational training and marketing agency. We engage people to be empowered and to buy into the key message, concept, battle cry, initiative and direction of our clients through motivational talks, cascades, team buildings, planning, kick offs, rallies, conventions, workshops, trainings, and seminars. We activate consumer engagements to inspire and equip the internal and external customers of our clients.
We create public programs for individuals to take charge of their life and results.

Why Choose Us

Trainstation utilizes various methodologies on positive psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The company’s unique methodology ensures sustainability by providing tools for behavioral change, and creating experiences for improved beliefs. Trainstation is accredited by the International Trainers Academy of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ITANLP).

How We Do It

We inspire and equip people to move forward towards empowerment of self and others, through the creation of organizational development and personal enhancement programs that utilize the unique methodology of combining ‘Enter-Train-ment’ and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Enter-Train-ment is Fun, Facts, and Fundamentals for an all-together amazing and easy learning experience for everyone onboard. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), developed by John Grinder and Richard Bandler in the 1970’s, is the methodology for change work that TrainStation uses to address belief systems that are programmed and can be reprogrammed to achieve better results.

What People Are Saying

Our agency has been inspired with how passionate they are in helping people. It is my belief that partnering with TrainStation was a great decision as this helped our major stakeholders have a better perspective on how communication, empowerment, and inspiration can help not just to better themselves but also help improve the lives of their peers. We are grateful for all the help they have done and I hope that they will continue to grow stronger and be able to help more people have better, more motivated, and empowered lives.

Aiza SeguerraNYC Chair

I'm so grateful for Trainstation, and all the good vibes and the positive impact they have made on the Chowking One Marketing Team. I can't help but think that, surely, those who "front" for Trainstation are superbly supported by a team "backstage' who furiously work out the details for the trainings.
Mabuhay ang buong team ng Trainstation onstage and backstage!

Timi AquinoChowking

Every little effort that you do, you do with pure heart and love. As clients, we appreciate your dedication and team spirit. It inspires us and moves us to be better. You show us that no matter how small or unnoticed your task is – it changes the lives of others.

Caloy PerezPhilip Morris (PMFTC)

Every session with TrainStation is always different. I expect the same amount of energy and enthusiasm from the team and participants, but every time we run something with TrainStation, they just exceed our expectations…Whether it's Carelle or RR -- who are very hands on to the business and projects -- or whether they send someone that we don't know, someone we've never met, or first time we meet because they were deployed to the project -- the quality of the training, of how they relate to others, or of how they speak to us, the consistency is always the same.

Clarissa SegismundoMicrosoft

Ms. Carelle Mangaliag and her team of motivational trainers are always my first choice when I want the people working with me to develop self knowledge and self confidence, particularly when their work involves surmounting many difficulties and negative forces. Her training sessions are NEVER boring and after spending a few days with her the participants leave with a renewed sense of self discovery, self worth and optimism!

Connie Padilla Office of the President and DOT

I can only describe Trainstation and its people as “Simply Amazing”. They always make it so much fun to learn new things and to remember them long after. We will always be grateful for all the amazing moments we had. And of course, we will continue to crave for more training programs that you can do for us. Thanks a zillion!

Norma Del RosarioSM Supermarket

Carelle’s class on NLP has vastly improved my relationships with my loved ones and patients. Now I understand them better and I know how to communicate with them better as well. I’ve been interested in NLP for over 30 years but it was only with Carelle’s unique and entertaining teaching style that I finally understood it.

Dra. Vicky BeloBelo Medical Group

Carelle is a truly enthralling speaker. The audience will not want to leave their seats for anything.

Joey Pelaez, DepEd Director

Thank you and congratulations for the session that we had last Friday! The team was in very high spirits after the session with feedback that this was “the best teambuilding session so far”. Tough to beat! 🙂

ArlaDirector for Consumer Retail, Sanofi-Aventis

Thank you for being the right partner of Shell. I cannot imagine training our service champions with any other partner. It is very easy to do business with TrainStation because not only are the people professionals – we share the same passion for moving and believing that people really do make the difference real. To everyone in TrainStation, you guys are awesome! Cheers!

Leo MendozaShell


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