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We provide the learning tracks for the destination of your choice and make sure that you enjoy the journey every step of the way! Through Neuro-Linguistic Programming, “Enter-TRAIN-ment” and other alternative methods in our consultancy, training, and execution — we ensure engagement, and deliver educational programs that have powerful and sustainable impact.

  • The Empowered Mindset
  • Collaborative Communication
  • High Impact Presentation Skills
  • Closing A Sale
  • Time and Stress Management
  • Four Strategies For Effective Execution
  • Change Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Unleashing Innovation
  • Effective Business Correspondence
  • High Impact Customer Service
  • High Impact Leadership
  • Performance Management
  • NLP Practitioner Certification
  • Breaking Through Barriers

The Empowered Mindset

How we think affects everything we do. Based on the tenets of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), our belief systems define our behaviors and this program empowers the mindset to equip people on sustaining behaviors that can move them to have better results in life and at work. This helps integrate an individual to have better a better perception, know how to have response-flexibility, acknowledge their value and the value of other people, gain self-respect and be respectful of others, help them be at the cause of their results and have excellence mentality. This program sees an individual and all the facets that can affect their behaviors in life and at work. This program begins with the self and to give resources of empowered belief systems to achieve amazingness by choice.


  1.  To elicit introspection and challenge mental programs to maximize growth
  2. To align each leader’s values and beliefs with his/her behaviors
  3. To enhance personal accountability and develop a positive working attitude

Collaborative Communication

Communication is based on how we deliver and receive information which can be the source of understanding or miscommunication. Words and experiences create our meaning. This program equips individuals on more effective techniques on HOW to listen and HOW to communicate. It provides skills for flexibility in communication through calibration and knowing modalities of learning and personality profiles of people. This program provides tools on what to say and do to be able to communicate better with stakeholders, co-workers and collaborators.


  1. To facilitate transfer of information as seamless as possible
  2. To customize verbal and non-verbal communication appropriately
  3. To deepen the appreciation for collaboration and communication

High Impact Presentation Skills

There is a science for High Impact Presentations. This program deals with Audience Mastery, Content Mastery, Communication Mastery and Self Mastery. A presenter needs to be able to align his message and create a meaningful impact to deliver their story to an audience. Being able to have flexibility in communicating with different kinds of audience, being able to create content that is relevant to your audience, having the skills to have visual, auditory and kinesthetic presence in communicating and being able to have confidence as you present. This program teaches state management to remove stage fright, shaking voices and unnecessary gestures. This is a pre-requisite program for Train the Trainers. HIPS may mean one-on-one or group presentations which is addressed in the program.


  1. To boost confidence and self-mastery
  2. To develop credibility as a speaker
  3. To utilize language tools that people can connect with
  4. To learn techniques in dealing with a varied audience

Closing A Sale

Closing A Sale will equip participants on how to calibrate and understand their clients and their needs so that the relationship will be beyond transactional. From the Sales Cycle and putting effective engagement methods from finding clients to approaching them for the first time, setting meetings, asking questions, communicating solutions and closing the sale, we integrate Neurolinguistic Programming Tools which will help an individual overcome call reluctance, to increase client engagement and prevent client’s “buyer’s remorse”.


  1. To develop a business mindset for participants
  2. To cultivate a proactive and assertive attitude for sales
  3. To equip employees with communication and sales tools to achieve best results

Time and Stress Management

There are only so many hours in a day, and only so many tasks we can fit into those hours. When the demand for our time exceeds our available hours, stress is experienced and we must search for methods and tools to manage time efficiently and mitigate the stress experience. This module presents tools and concepts that look into both Time Management and Stress Management, how the first affects the latter, and how it all can be managed to create the most effective and comfortable experience of work.


  1. To equip participants with time-management tools
  2. To empower participants to effectively manage their workload
  3. To equip participants with stress-management tools
  4. To empower participants to effectively manage their stress levels

Four Strategies For Effective Execution

This program will help identify the strategies to identify the Destination of the organization through differentiating strategies and tactics, Direction by defining milestones and success indicators, Implementation to create tracks, establish accountability and monitor progress, and Motivation to help condition and incentivize your people to sustain the targets and goals of the organization.


  1. To identify the differences between strategic versus tactical goals
  2. To help leaders create relevant and realistic success indicators in achieving strategic goals
  3. To provide teams with practical day-to-day tools to ensure that concrete steps are taken

Change Management

Organizations go through change and sometimes, they are intermediate disturbances and at times, they may be huge changes that a company is going through and mindsets have to be primed in this change. Alignment of leadership is imperative because this mindset will affect how this is cascaded down to people who might resist change.


  1. To establish a mindset in each participant that is primed for change
  2. To equip participants with tools to effectively map out impending changes
  3. To develop participants’ skills in communicating change to various stakeholders

Crisis Management

When an organization goes through a crisis, a disaster, a traumatic situation that hurts the entire company, people need to be debriefed and a process for getting back on their feet and rising up is needed to aide in the psycho-social effects of the crisis. This program equips people on resilience and aiding people in communication during crisis. Whether communication is done towards external stakeholders or internally, being able to come up with an inspiring story to take them through crisis can help build the organization to rise strong.


  1. To equip leaders with tools to identify and prevent a crisis before it starts
  2. To develop leaders’ ability to mitigate damage through principles of NLP
  3. To enable leaders to recover any organizational losses incurred as a consequence of a crisis

Unleashing Innovation

This program empowers participants with the mindset to be confident in generating new ideas and sharing these with the world. Innovation is a process of generating ideas and solving problems by looking at a problem or situation from a different, sometimes unorthodox perspective. It provides people the ability to think creatively or “outside the box.” Innovation takes us away from traditional logical modes of thinking and re-programming established patterns and set notions within the parameters of logic and practicality. Innovation tools give a deliberate, step by step process that results in innovative thinking. It is creativity within a process for the purpose of innovation and solutions. By using these unconventional thinking techniques, you can generate creative solutions that you may not have seen or considered before.


  1. To encourage the flow of new ideas in the workplace
  2. To develop improvisation and strategy for better results

Effective Business Correspondence

Effective Business Correspondence is about Business Communication—Email, Call Handling, SMS, Video Conferencing, Call Conferencing, Handling Meetings and any form of verbal or non-verbal communication within an organization and its stakeholders. This is about leveling up ones professionalism in carrying the company’s name in day to day interactions and transactions.


  1. To identify the impact of email and other written exchanges to business
  2. To compare and contrast oral versus written communication
  3. To enhance business interactions through improved writing skills

High Impact Customer Service

High Impact Customer Service is about service delight and creating loyalty through mindset change of the service provider. This program empowers the person to have the service mindset, first and foremost and gives the tools using NLP to excite their customers through a customized approach. This program deals with the confidence of the service provider, knowing that they can address the needs of their customers through service communication. This also addresses dealing with difficult customers and leveling up customer experiences through their own personal commitment to be a part of their organization’s service culture.


  1. To help the team think in a customer-centric way
  2. To highlight the importance of service standards and their impact on a customer’s experience
  3. To explain service language and its importance in communicating with customers

High Impact Leadership

High Impact Leadership is about understanding the effect of a leader from a 360 standpoint. This helps address stakeholder management and understanding the dimensions of leadership to influence others better. This will help the development of a leader, not just in his management skills but in his awareness of his behaviors and beliefs that affect others. This will also enhance communication skills of a leader to be more influential in collaborating with others. This will also aide a leader in motivating others for results.


  1. To gain an expanded understanding of what it means to be a leader
  2. To identify the four levels of leadership and the corresponding elements to maximize each level
  3. To practice NLP-based techniques as it relates to coaching and influencing others

Performance Management

This program requires High Impact Leadership. This equips with tools on coaching via mindset and communication. Coaching entails questioning and being a facilitator of change to help provide resources to a person through processing. A leader needs to know how to coach and show his team how to see the game plan and help equip them so that they can do the play themselves. The coach does not play for its people, a coach is able to guide and his team should trust his game plan. Coaching can be used to mediate and manage conflicts, motivate for results and mentor for results.


  1. To expand our understanding of Performance Management
  2. To understand Kaizen as a Performance Management Framework
  3. To identify practical tools to maximize each stage of Kaizen

NLP Practitioner Certification

As a member of the ITA (International Training Association) of NLP as a certifying member, TrainStation is the sole provider of this course in the Philippines, integrating Classic Code and New Code NLP to create outstanding NLP practitioners versed in both fields.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to become a certified NLP practitioner led by Carelle Mangaliag, the President and CEO of TrainStation Manila, TrainStation Hong Kong and TrainStation Singapore, certified NLP trainer by the NLP Academy, trained by the co-creator of NLP, John Grinder, and the co- creator of New Code NLP, Carmen Bostic St. Clair, and NLP Academy founder, Michael Carroll. Certificates will carry the ITA seal and upon special arrangements, will carry the signature of John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St. Clair and Michael Carroll.

Breaking Through Barriers

Breaking Through Barriers (BTB) is a 2-day seminar that empowers participants to take control of their life, work and relationships. Through this seminar, participants will undergo effective NLP exercises and patterns to break through limiting beliefs and understand principles of success for them to reach their desired states from their present states.


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